Trends tend to make everybody look the same.

Why have brands started making similar logos?

Nowadays, every business, no matter how big or small, needs and gets a logo design. Sometimes also a whole brand identity design. Even places like local grocery stores and online blogs get one to make sure there’s an icon along with their business name. Is it the number of existing logos and market saturation that leads to so many similar logos?


We've all heard about Revolut - a British financial technology company offering banking services. Not long ago they proudly announced a redesign of their logo. The last logo was memorable and hard to confuse with anything else. As for the new logo, we have already seen it somewhere...

The logo on the left is made with an original font in a recognizable brand color. It can''t be confused with anything else. If you put the logo from the left side next to the logos of 100 other fintech companies, you will find Revolut without any problem. The logo on the right is similar to the 100 other company logos and finding Revolut in it will be a challenge.

Sans serif fonts have taken over the logo design world

In 2017-2018, there is a new trend in logo design. The trend in simple words can be described as follows: "unique logo designs are a shame and it's better to let them all look like each other. Let's make similar logos". The trend started with logos in the fashion industry. Famous fashion companies gave up their unique logos and switched to an inconspicuous and very similar Sans Serif font.  IT companies soon followed the fashion industry. All the distinctive features of the logos of the IT and Fashion industries were levelled with a simple sans serif font. It felt like two huge industries decided to use the services of one designer, who generally didn't bother to come up with something new.

While the simplicity of Sans-Serif fonts makes them more readable and versatile, this simplicity has its downside. Without additional details, these fonts have much less opportunity to be different. Although you can change the height, boldness, indentation, letter spacing, but still - they are inferior to their predecessors in design.That's why logos today resemble each other. All the little details that distinguished fonts from each other faded into oblivion.

There's nothing wrong with trying to make your logo simpler, clearer, adaptable to smartphones, and understandable to a wider audience. But don't throw away your entire identity and do like everyone else. Strive for simplicity, but keep those distinctive features that make your logo special. Especially if it's worked for years.


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