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Modern trends and techniques in logo design

Currently in the field of logo design there are many opportunities and different approaches for optimal solutions to the client's problem. This is due not only to constantly changing demands of customers, but also to the development of technology. Often it is a challenge to inventiveness, creativity and professionalism of the designer, so in such a difficult case as a logo, there is no and can not be universal recipes. With all the variety of possible solutions that are now embodied in logo design, yet it is possible to trace general trends and the most popular techniques that set specific trends in graphic design in general and in logo design in particular.

Here are some trends for logo design:

Bright colors.

The choice of bright, pulsing colors in a modern reading is combined with a minimalist or traditional approach to the graphics of the logo itself. Such a trend is mainly caused by the need for high competitiveness. Bright colors attract attention, capture, create a sense of concern and do not leave indifferent. Neon colors, typical in 2020, in the new trend gravitate more towards shades of juicy fruits, tropical plants, azure sky and water.

Examples of logos using bright, juicy colors: Slack, MailChimp

Gradient fills

Gradient fills are a strong representative of the long-term trend. It is hard to say for sure how long they will remain the leaders, but for today they deservedly occupy their place and they are still very popular among logo designers. Gradients allow you to give a rigorous and checked graphic solution additional flavor, to eliminate the excessive dryness of a simple, concise logo, to give emotionality and expressiveness.Recently, gradients consisting of bright but cool neon colors have become especially popular. Even a very restrained graphic sign can transform to an unrecognizable and demonstrate its relevance.

Negative space

Although the idea of using the void between the form (counter-form) to create additional meaning and expressiveness in logo design is not new, this approach is now gaining popularity. For the consumer to notice this second object, formed by the space of the counter-form and consider the whole idea, is like a reward for observation. Years of experience have shown that such brands attract the interest of the audience and are remembered for a long time.


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