If there is no struggle, there is no progress

The progress of web design

It’s not surprising that the world of web design is constantly on the move. Popular trends of past years are already a distant memory. The reason behind this challenge are usually related to the evolution of technology. Technology is shifting the way people get information, communicate, and live their everyday lives. In this article you can see how web design has changed in 5 years: a comparison of trends from 2017 to 2022.

The parallax effect existed before, but it began to gain popularity sometime in 2017. There was a demand to make content more interactive and the user experience more interesting. Parallax suited perfectly, because it didn't affect page loading speed too much, looked great, and wasn't difficult to implement.Microinteractions started with the increasing popularity of parallax in 2017 and continued into 2018. What is the essence of microinteractions? The user reacts to some actions on the site with the mouse, and in response something changes on the page, some animation is activated. Micro-interactions were good for UX.In 2019, it became increasingly common to use gifs - smoothly looped short clips. They were used on different pages and in different blocks to better convey emotion or show some process

2020 was the year of illustrations supposedly drawn by hand. They were used as graphic elements in various units. But the coolest thing was when such drawings could be brought to life, made into animation.Beginning with 2021, cinemagraphs was used as background on the home page and in other units of the site. Cinemagraphs are not classic gifs or videos, but something in between - when a static picture has 1-2 elements moving.

Here are the trends that will stay with us from past years:
· asymmetrical grid· minimalism
· video background (but an important clarification here - it must be in 4K)
· dark theme· animation with 3D elements· pastel color scheme
· parallax and other manifestations of microinteractions· In addition, bauhaus, large and bold typography, distortion, interference and noise will be popular.

In short, again a lot of experiments, but within the limits of minimalism.


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